Walking through the Peaceful Revolution

This summer has flown by and left me very sweaty but content in its wake. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog article for the local online magazine, The Leipzig Glocal. You can read it here. I learned so much about this impressive historical movement while participating in one of my favorite activities: walking around.

Can you see it?

I encourage everyone to take a closer look at their urban surroundings—you’ll probably find some art or historical installations that can tell you something about the location you didn’t know before. And it may just enrich your relationship with the environment. Also, someone or some team probably worked very hard on it. That’s it for me on my soapbox, for now.

Other things I’ve enjoyed this summer:

  • My fan.
  • Tearing through some interesting books in front of said fan. (It’s too hot to go outside anyway.)
  • Waking up early and biking to the lake to get a prime spot next to the water before everyone else arrives.
  • The HushCity app.

We’re getting ready to move to another apartment. It will be much easier than our last move, since this time we’re just going across the city and not across any borders. I will miss being so close to the picturesque canals in the West. But I am looking forward to exploring more areas of our new home city.

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