I am a big-picture thinker/editor who also cares about the details. With almost ten years of working in nonprofits, I understand the challenges of making the most of what you have. When budgets and teams are small, your brand speaks the loudest. This is where I can help your communication stand out.

My hometown is Sacramento, CA, a city with intense summer heat but, thankfully, also endless tree canopies and the Delta breeze. I studied History and Art History at a small university tucked behind the “redwood curtain” in very Northern California. After completing a semester abroad in Italy in 2010, I decided to return to the “old world” soon after. In 2013 my clog-lovin’ feet took me to The Netherlands, where I gained my MA in Arts Management and worked in an international education organization. Over the years, I have worked in archives, theaters, libraries, museums, and other cultural organizations.

I have studied Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and am currently working on German in my new home, Leipzig. I count myself as an avid reader, recipe-improviser, podcast-listener, playlist-assembler, movie-watcher, long walk-taker, public art-hunter, and occasional weaver (when I have patience to follow online tutorials).

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