Standard textDifficult text
Proofreading€31 / hour€35 / hour
Copy-editing€36 / hour€40 / hour
Developmental editing€43 / hour€50 / hour
Prices as of 1 July 2022

Standard text

  • fewer than 325 words per page
  • general subject
  • few or no extra elements
  • generally well-prepared

Difficult text

  • more than 325 words per page
  • technical subject
  • extra elements (citations, bibliography, tables, etc.)
  • inconsistent, not formatted

About pricing

  • My prices are based on suggested fees by CIEP and EFA.
  • I need to see a sample of the work before I can give you an estimate for the total price.
  • For long-term or large-scale projects, we can negotiate a project rate if that is preferred.
  • For first-time customers, I ask for 50% of estimate before I begin working.

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